General Information

What kind of donation can I receive?

The Kenny Family Foundation developed Active Partners, a micro grant program, to address requests from organizations for a small donation.   These donations are provided in the form of ShopRite gift cards to utilize as needed. The average donation is $100.00.

Are there any specific rules?

We will not accept applications for or from:

  • Capital or annual campaigns
  • Third party fundraising organizations
  • Teams or groups for larger organizations (we often donate directly to this organization)
  • Corporate requests or donations
  • Endowment funds
  • Individual causes or online campaigns for personal fundraising
  • Multiple-year donations
  • Requests for political causes or campaigns

ShopRites of Delaware does not allow:

  • Fundraising or tagging inside or outside the ShopRite stores
  • Sales of goods or services within the ShopRite stores

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you give me an example of not donating to a larger organization?

American Cancer Society- KFF is the exclusive provider of water for the Hydration Stations for all Relay for Life events in the Delaware County.

The Blood Bank of Delaware- KFF provides all of the water for all of the stations for the Blood Bank.

MSDelaware- sponsor a team for Bike to the Bay. We provide all of the food and water for all of the MSDelaware events.

How do I apply for a donation?

The Kenny Family Foundation has a web-based application process for donation requests. This web-based application is simple to use and will save your organization valuable time.

I’m having issues and cannot submit the online application?

If you are unable to complete the online application, a PDF may be downloaded from our site and submit for approval. Please note only applications completed in full and mailed or emailed with attached letterhead files will be eligible for review.

How many times may I apply for a donation?

We can commit to granting an eligible request one time per calendar year. We ask that individuals with multiple causes or organizations only approach us one time per year.

I sent a letter in instead do I still need to fill out an application?

Please note, only applications completed in full with attached letterhead files will be eligible for review.

I sent in an application that was incomplete.

Due to the volume of applications our foundations receives, we are unable to process incomplete applications.

I don’t have any tax information about my charity.

If you are unable to obtain the IRS letter or W9 for your organization, we cannot approve your request. It is imperative that we have the correct information for our files to determine the eligibility of the donation.

I do not have a letter to attach with my application.

We will not accept a request unless it has a flyer, invitation or letter attached. These documents must be from the organization which you represent.

My event is this weekend can the process be expedited?

Due to the level of requests our foundation receives, we are unable to assist short notice requests. Requests are queued as received and reviewed for relevance in relation to our mission. We require at least three weeks for a donation to be processed. All donations are processed through our Foundation headquarters at 501 S Walnut Street, Wilmington, DE, 19801. If your request is approved, your organization will receive instructions in detail to receive the donation.

Holiday requests

During the holiday season we will post specific cut off dates for donations on our website and social media.

I would like to request a monetary donation for my organization - how much may I request?

We generally do not contribute monetary contributions to organizations.

I spoke to a manager/staff at ShopRite. Do I have to fill out the online application?

All donation requests must follow the same procedure as listed above to ensure consistency.

I have a special request.

If approved, you may use your gift card as cash in any of the participating stores to fulfill your special request. Often these requests include floral arrangements, gift baskets, catering, cooking classes, or special large orders of water or fruit for events. The Kenny Family Foundation is not able to provide these services directly.

Where can I use the ShopRite gift cards?

Your ShopRite gift card may be used at any of the Kenny Family ShopRites in Delaware:
• ShopRite Brandywine Commons on Concord Pike
• ShopRite Christina Crossing in Wilmington, Delaware
• ShopRite Chestnut Hill Newark
• ShopRite Governor’s Square Bear
• ShopRite First State Plaza Stanton
• ShopRite Four Seasons Plaza Glasgow

For your convenience you may also shop online at http://shoprite.mywebgrocer.com or to pick up your order or have it delivered. You also have the ability to create a specialty catered order, customized to be ready on the date of your choice. If you prefer to shop in person you may also stop by our store and speak to the department manager in the bakery or restaurant.

I am unable to come to your Foundation to pick up the donation.

If a ShopRite gift card has been held under your name at the Riverfront ShopRite at Christina Crossing for a donation, it is only to be given to you as the requester. If you would like to send another person to pick up the card please send the person with a signed letter of authorization or the card will not be released.

I forgot to pick up my donation.

A KFF representative will make two attempts to contact your organization over the course of a month via phone and email after your microgrant is processed. If the donation is not picked up within 30 days from the first date of contact we return the card to our stock and reallocate for another organization in need. Your organization may apply the following calendar year for a donation.

We would like to tag/sell product/collect money outside a Kenny Family ShopRite store.

The ShopRites of Delaware do not permit tagging. The foundation will support as many organizations as possible but will not allow any organization to sell or promote within the stores or on the property.

I lost the gift cards that were donated to my organization.

If your gift cards are missing/stolen, please contact us immediately at donations@kffde.org and we will look for the card numbers that were donated to you.

I have a question related to ShopRite.

The Kenny Family Foundation does not handle any of the vendors, marketing or trade for ShopRite and cannot provide any assistance regarding ShopRite questions or needs. If you are interested in following one of these channels as a vendor please contact 1-800ShopRite. If you have a specific need or opportunity specifically for the ShopRites of Delaware stores, you may contact their home office at 302.225.6880.
If you are inquiring about employment at ShopRite please visit http://www.shoprite.com/career-opportunities/.

New Users

If your organization has not registered for our online portal please review the information above then begin the process to become an Active Partner HERE.

Existing Users

If your organization registered on or after September 15, 2016 and you may login to start a new request or review an existing one HERE.