Be a Volunteer!

We can’t do our job without YOU

The Kenny Family Foundation is a lean organization that is made stronger by the charity volunteers working along side us. Our volunteer program helps us build organizational strength. That strength comes not only from growing and retaining our volunteers and enhancing our foundation’s programs, but also in the sense of ownership that volunteers gain when they become visible advocates for their community. Our team of 100 volunteers, with varying, backgrounds have one commonality, serving their community for a brighter future. These volunteers breathe life into our foundation’s mission each day by sharing their valuable time, energy, skills and passion with our residents and neighbors.

Be an Ambassador

Our volunteers are so valuable to our foundation for many reasons, one of them being the credibility that paid staff or consultants never have. You can advocate peer-to-peer, and promote The Kenny Family Foundation because you believe in it. Volunteering is a personal choice, not your job. We never underestimate the power of peer-to-peer communication and hold it high in our esteem.


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Get Engaged With The Community

At The Kenny Family Foundation, there is a volunteer opportunity for everyone. Our volunteers extend the resources of our foundation. Volunteers provide extra hands that enable our foundation to do tasks and activities that might not otherwise get done. Volunteers also provide valuable input to our leadership and staff. You can find groups of our volunteers at our events and partnership programs across New Castle County. Our volunteers have been instrumental in the success of our foundation’s fundraisers including the Annual Golf Outing and Under the Stars Rooftop Movie series.

We Thank You For Your Support!

The following is a list of ways our volunteers to assist with the operations of our events and partnership programming:

  • Ticket Sale Ambassador
  • Guest Greeter
  • Food Service Coordinator
  • Guest Registration and Check-in
  • Event setup and Breakdown
  • Raffle Ticket Sales
  • Silent & Live Auction assistance
  • And More!