Student Shopper

Educating Our Young Leaders

The Student Shopper Program is our fastest growing program to date. With a goal to extend the boundaries of the home and classroom, this community driven program transforms the process of educating young impressionable minds. The program places an emphasis on team building and discipline in the areas of health and financial literacy. In 2013 we increased the program to include three new schools for a total of five participating schools in the Greater Wilmington Area. Our goal for 2015 is to raise enough sponsorships to have 12 schools participating in the Student Shopper program for the 2016 school year.

What is the Student Shopper Program?

The Student Shopper Program is a free yearlong program we provide to local schools, chosen by the district superintendent. Each year, we offer each district this grant opportunity for two schools. 

Kids learn about nutrition, healthy eating, creating budgets and planning menus.

Over 850 kids experience the Student Shopper program each year!

Student Shopper is designed to educate elementary students about nutrition, and teach them about the importance of planning, budgets, and purchases to make an impact on the food choices they make going forward.  We engage students, teachers, and parents with techniques for smart shopping and healthy eating using the USDA MyPlate model.  KFF is aligned with the ShopRite stores for this venture who allow us to use their dietitian as a resource and the campus of their stores for field trips.   The students, teachers, and parents use the store as a classroom using the planning tools they have learned throughout the year.

Our goal is to raise funds for 25 schools to participate by the start of the 2020 school year. The cost of each grant is approximately $4,800.00 per school and includes school visits, classroom coaching, parent nights, materials, food, and transportation for the school visit. Raising $125,000.00 will allow over 2,000 local underserved children to have the Student Shopper program at their school. 

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Does your school have Student Shopper?

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