In Her Shoes

Yesterday, June 2nd, In Her Shoes held their annual graduation ceremony.  In Her Shoes is a non-profit organization established to help previously incarcerated women that encounter re-entry challenges and fall into women at risk categories. This organization provides women, coming out of incarceration, with peer leaders to help them through this transition and assimilate back into everyday life. The program’s role models provide guidance to help these women with any struggles and or barriers that society sets upon reentry.

Each year, In Her Shoes has a graduation to celebrate the successes women in their program with a full year of acclimation into everyday life. One of the major barriers that a person faces upon reentry in the workforce, is the social stigma attached to prison.  This courageous program provides an environment for women to form a bond and learn together with a supportive role model.  The Kenny Family Foundation has a strong commitment to supporting organizations such as In Her Shoes, which provide the citizens of New Castle County, Delaware a second chance.