Active Partner Program

We know our Partners.  You are our family.  We understand and support your mission.

Every year KFF supports, volunteers, attends and partners with over 1000 organizations and events in New Castle County.  We call these organizations ACTIVE PARTNERS.

These donations are widespread and start at $100.00. 

We are loyal to our Active Partners and believe in a long lasting partnership.  We reach out to ask others to support your programs and appreciate our Partners who step forward and assist KFF in return.  Active Partners isn’t just about a donation- it’s a program formed to learn about each other’s missions, network, grow together, help our neighbors and connect community leaders.

Active Partners is a program which provides smaller scale donations, microgrants, to non-profit organizations in New Castle County.  Contributions are given to donation requests partnered with our foundation’s mission. These donations are generally granted in the form of a ShopRite gift card to use for product or services in kind. 

We request Kenny Family Foundation collateral be shown on your website or at your event such as; informational flyers, table tent cards, banners, or logos. We also ask each Partner to share their story and post photos of their event on our FaceBook wall or other social media. 

If you are seeking a donation grant and would like to become an Active Partner please visit our Grants section to review eligibility and complete the online application.

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To make a donation to the Kenny Family Foundation and assist us in our efforts.

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