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Thank you for your interest in The Kenny Family Foundation and our microgrant program.   
For information regarding donation eligibility and our process, please visit the FAQ page, and learn more about our Active Partner Program and the organizations we support in New Castle County, Delaware.
In 2016 KFF moved to an online donation request process and ask all Active Partners and requestors to register and complete your application online. You will be able to log into your account at any time to view our partnership with your organization, communication, history and the status of any pending requests. Documents uploaded and organization information will be saved for a subsequent request the following year.
As of 9/15/2016 all applications must be completed online.   We will not accept letters, forms, mailers, written inquiries or verbal requests in lieu of the online application.  Please do not use any prior applications.  Due to the high volume of Active Partner requests we receive, only completed online applications will receive a response.

New Users:

This is a three step process to get started if you have not used our new online portal before.

  1. You will complete the basic information about your organization by following the link below.
  2. Next you will be redirected to register for a password.
  3. After forming your username and password you will have the ability to request a donation.

If your organization has not registered for our online portal please start the process to become an Active Partner HERE.

Returning Users:

If your organization has registered online (as of September 15, 2016) and you are returning to review information or make a new request please log in HERE.

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