The Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation (CCHF) formed back in 2004, to alleviate both financial and emotional struggles facing terminally ill patients and their loved ones. The primary goal of hospice care is to mitigate the pain and symptoms of chronically, terminally, or seriously ill patients, and attend to their emotional and spiritual needs.

Tony Bolden, CCHF Regional Program Director, explains,

“The Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation goes above and beyond which really makes their mark for seriously ill patients and their families who are in financial need. Their help may include things some of us would take for granted like food, rent, or arranging transportation so a patient can enjoy a professional baseball game or something much more significant and meaningful such as honoring a patient’s last wish to return to their native country.”

Since 2004, CCHF has helped over 40,000 patients, without the financial means to pay for the associated high cost of hospice care and expenses, unique to each individual. Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation, works alongside each patient to meet their unique needs. In addition to assisting with their patients’ healthcare needs, CCHF works to lift the burden of expenses such as food, shelter, medical bills, and utilities, as well.  CCHF has successfully helped so many of our neighbors in need, thanks to the dedication, kindness, and contribution of their supporters.

5th Annual Wilmington Chili Challenge

On Sunday, October 18th, Jamie Bayless and Patrick Warner will be hosting the 5th Annual Wilmington Chili Challenge to raise money for the Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation at the Kelly’s Logan House from 1-4 pm.  The goal of this fun and delicious challenge is to help CCHF meet their fundraising goal, covering all the costs for those unable to afford hospice care.  Every dollar donated gets CCHF one step closer to minimizing the financial burdens patients face, allowing them to feel more comfortable while coping with their illness.

The Chili Challenge invites ALL chili lovers in Delaware to come out and join in the efforts to help hospice patients. Interested in filling your belly with yummy chili? A ticket can be purchased for $25 and you will be able to try as many different types of chili imaginable. Think your chili has what it takes to be the best? You can enter your recipe in one of the three different categories – traditional, gourmet, and vegetarian – for only $35.

The Kenny Family Foundation has enjoyed participating in the Chili Challenge each and every year, since its inception five years ago.  We hope you can join us this year and help the Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation meet their fundraising goals, allowing them to continue helping hospice care patients in our community.  To learn more, enter the chili contest, or to purchase a ticket, click here.