On Friday, November 6th, our Executive Director, Heather Hook, and Board Member, Jim Leonard, attended the Delaware Military Academy Veteran’s Day Breakfast to show our gratitude, thank the men and women who have bravely protected our country, and provide our support around the bond forming between the academy students and their honored guests, the men and women who have served our great country.

The academy works to prepare young men and women for the next level of their education and provide each student with a strong foundation to live their lives, as good citizens. We strongly support their efforts to educate the future leaders of Delaware on our country’s history, as awareness about the past allows us to continue moving forward and learn from our mistakes. Their efforts to teach by example, resulted in the formation of this strong bond between the students at the academy and those serving our country. We are proud to see their students inspired and learning from their mentors, about what it means to serve.

Heather Hook, Executive Director, The Kenny Family Foundation:

“It was a privilege and honor to have breakfast with the courageous Veterans who have fought for our country. The Delaware Military Academy cadets are paving a pathway for our youth built upon honesty, integrity, and discipline. It was beautiful to witness the students create a bond with their mentor Veterans, a memory I am sure will forever be remembered, as they develop into our future community leaders.”

Thank you for inviting us to your Veteran’s Day celebration, we were honored to sponsor the breakfast and witness the students at the academy honor our U.S. Veterans.