For many racehorses, life after racing is ended abruptly, as many of these beautiful creatures meet the unfortunate fate of being sold off as meat or animal byproduct.  According to NBC News, most horses finish their racing careers before the age of 7, leaving them nearly two more decades of life ahead of them, waiting to be lived.  In an effort to save racehorses and prevent them from post-racing injustice, the Delaware State Patrol formed the Mounted Patrol Unit as a safe haven for horses to flourish after their race is over.

The Delaware State Mounted Patrol Unit

The Delaware State Patrol created the Mounted unit back in 2012, providing retired racehorses with a chance for a safe, nurtured life after racing.  Each horse adopted into the unit, works alongside the officers, receiving proper care and attention.  At the start of this new unit, the horses were used primary for ceremonies, but today, the horses have taken part in crowd control, surveying areas, and building an active community presence.

Par for the Horse Golf Fundraiser: Saturday, October 17th

[gdlr_notification icon=”icon-flag” type=”color-background” background=”#99d15e” color=”#ffffff”]Please note, the Delaware State Mounted Patrol, “Par for the Horse” Golf Fundraiser has been canceled. If you have any questions, or would like to find out how you can support this wonderful organization, please contact Christy Artymenko, Sponsor Coordinator at cartymenko@aol.com.[/gdlr_notification]

This month, the Delaware State Mounted Patrol Unit is raising money for the health costs of each horse in the unit, enhancing the Delaware State Police’s presence at public events and continuing to ensure the public’s safety. On Saturday, October 17th, the Delaware State Patrol is hosting their “Par for the Horse” Golf Fundraiser at the Back Creek Golf Course, funneling all proceeds and donations directly to the veterinary care for each horse in the unit. Tickets are available up until the day of the event (October 17th) and can be purchased simply by contacting, Christy Artymenko for the registration form at cartymenko@aol.com. 

What will you get with the purchase of a ticket? A ticket to the event provides access to a jam packed, eventful day from 7am – 5pm.  Both breakfast and lunch, as well as beverages, will be provided throughout the day to keeping players at the top of their game, increasing the chances of your team to win BIG and finish in on of the top three spots, taking home a selection of prizes.

To learn more about attending the Delaware Mounted Patrol Unit, Par for the Horse Golf Fundraiser and support their efforts providing retired racehorses with a second chance, click here

Event Details:

Saturday, October 17th, from 7 am – 5 pm
Back Creek Golf Course – 101 Back Creek Dr, Middletown, DE 19709, United States



Image Credit: Delaware State Police Mounted Patrol Unit, Inc.

Sources: NBC New York | Habitat For Horses