Our Active Partner, The Canaan Baptist Church is currently collecting gifts for their annual Deacon Donald J. Bowman Angel Tree to help the families and children in need across Delaware. The Angel Tree is a national program created by the Prison Fellowship, in which the church and their congregation participates annually. The program was designed to help parents currently incarcerated, foster a connection with their children during the holiday season. The Angel Tree Program, along with the help of the community, provides parents with an opportunity to remind their children that they are loved and not forgotten, ensuring they have a reason to smile on Christmas morning, as they awake to find their parent’s gifts waiting for them, under the tree. Today, the Canaan Baptist Church is looking to help even more children and families in Delaware, needing help over the holidays.

For Christmas this year, The Canaan Baptist Church has chosen to dedicate their services to fulfill the needs of the family residing along the Route 9 Corridor, that have reached out to the church for assistance. Additionally, the church will make over 300 food baskets to distribute to their neighbors in need. The church’s commitment to ensure every child in the New Castle County has a memorable and joyful Christmas, is a heartfelt and honorable mission our foundation stands behind. Last year, our sponsorship helped The Canaan Baptist Church provide for over 400 children, collect over 5,000 lbs of food, and serve 200 families in need. It is always an honor to work with our Active Partner, The Canaan Baptist Church, to help provide for families most in need during the holiday. Working with the church’s Director of Community and Corporate Relations, Dr. Nakishia Williams Bailey is a true joy and a relationship we respect, honor, and care for.



“The Kenny Family Foundation is more than a community partner to our church, they are a part of our family and congregation. Our core values and mission statements are in alignment, complimenting each organization’s goals. The synergy between The Kenny Family Foundation and Canaan Baptist Church is evident in our dedication to service and application of resources to impact the human condition, and ensure that our labor is not in vain. Both of our organizations believe in and provide second chances to individuals in our community that may not have these opportunities elsewhere. The team at The Kenny Family Foundation sees diamonds hidden in coal, a true gift to witness. We at Canaan Baptist Church are honored to be in kinship with the Kenny Family Foundation and look forward to more unique and gratifying ways to serve and honor our community, together. We believe service is the rent we owe to be here on earth, and we are blessed to rent a small space with The Kenny Family Foundation.”  Nakishia Williams Bailey, Ph.D., Director of Community and Corporate Relations, Canaan Baptist Church

Thank you for your kind words and selfless work to help provide children with a joyful Christmas. This year, The Canaan Baptist Church will be collecting unwrapped gifts and toys for their Angel Tree until Friday, December 18thWe invite you to join us and support their mission to give every family a holiday worth celebrating!

Donation Information:

November 21st – December 18th: Collecting unwrapped gifts and toys
December 18th: Sorting gifts and toys and decorating Christmas Tree
December 20th: Gifts will be given out after 11am church service

Gifts and toys can be dropped off at Canaan Baptist Church, located at 3011 New Castle Avenue, Wilmington DE, 19720. If you are unable to drop of your items, you can make arrangements for a church volunteer to pick them up from you until Friday, December 18. For more information please contact Dr. Nakishia Bailey via email at drkishbailey@gmail.com or by phone at (302) 354-9570.