Heart in the Game is a welcomed new addition to the Delaware philanthropic community, formed in response to Grace Firestone’s traumatic experience of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), days after celebrating her high school graduation.  Paying it forward, Greer Firestone founded Heart in the Game, in an effort to reduce the fatalities of SCA in our community. With a mission to spread awareness of the realities surrounding SCA and the risks children and young adults face, this courageous organization creates community access programming, such as: Electrocardiogram (EKG) screening, Automated External Defibrillators (AED) training, and CPR training.

Today, Heart in the Game actively works to provide every middle and high school student in Delaware, with FREE EKG screenings – believing that access to EKG screenings, plus training in both AED and CPR as a means of prevention, should be the standard for all adolescents.  Since its inception in 2014, Heart in the Game has experienced continual growth, now offering 11 screening stations, compared to only two, 18 months ago.

In the US, SCA kills approximately 2,000 children each year, with the risk being 2-3 times greater in athletes

Heart in the Game set out on their first screening in January 2014, to bring awareness surrounding the harsh realities of SCA. Previously, the national screening average accounted for 1% of students screened, having an abnormality or cause for concern. At their first screening, Heart in the Game successfully screened 187 students, concluding substantial results and doubling the national average. Today, Heart in the Game, with only five screenings under their belt, has increased results to the tune of 4x the national recorded average, a tremendous accomplishment in such a short period of time.

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Saturday, September 19th

This past Saturday, Heart in the Game hosted their sixth EKG screening at Springer Junior High School, along with professional training on, hands-only CPR and AED.  The event was a great success and received major support from the school, parents, and local organizations. Their event was complete with uplifting and heartfelt entertainment from the one and only, Philly Phanatic!

As we strive to help our community keep their loved ones safe, we will continue supporting organizations like Heart in the Game, working to build a sustainable and healthy future for the children of Delaware.

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