The Henrietta Johnson Medical Center (HJMC) is a courageous organization in the national network of federally funded Community Health Centers, delivering quality health services to the medically underserved communities in Delaware.

29598_338908432873585_1903177131_nFor over 42 years, The Henrietta Johnson Medical Center has served the Southbridge and Eastside community of
Wilmington Delaware, providing aid to patients struggling with poverty. They stand strong in Delaware, committed to their patients and admitting everyone, with or without health insurance. With the help of the doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, volunteering their time and expertise to HJMC, this noble organization is able to help so many families in the community and ensure better health for all of their patients!

The Henrietta Johnson Medical Center has partnered with our foundation many times over the years and we send our gratitude to your organization and the HJMC staff for all of your volunteer contributions at our fundraising events. In an effort to return our gratitude, we were honored to help HJMC when they approached us earlier this year with a request for assistance to create food bags for those in need, this holiday season. HJMC is a strong fixture in our philanthropic family, and we are happy to see our Active Partner helping the community even more, as they go above and beyond this holiday season, providing their patients, volunteers, and staff in need, with food and joy.