The Wilmington Peacekeepers formed in 2008 with a mission to create a moral transformation within the communities of Delaware.  Their goals aim to shed a light on the violence occurring in Delaware and create an opportunity for the community to unite and stand up against these tragedies.  The Peacekeepers are a group of ethnically diverse individuals working towards unity, parental responsibility education, providing resources needed in the community, improving police-civilian relationships, drug prevention and counseling, and mentoring programs. The group is especially concerned with the prevention of gun violence and the education of youth in Delaware.


This past Saturday, July 11th, The Wilmington Peacekeepers held their 3rd Annual Children’s Rally for Peace, an event designed to promote the importance of peace for children of Delaware.

The Kenny Family Foundation thanks the dedicated individuals in The Wilmington Peacekeepers as they work hard to build a better future, parallel to our foundation’s mission; Investing in well-being. Improving quality of life. Creating a sustainable future. In thanks, The Kenny Family Foundation provided an abundance of food to sponsor the barbecue at the Annual Children’s Rally. We are happy to play a small part to help make their event a successful and enjoyable event.

The Wilmington Peacekeepers welcome all individuals with an interest in community improvement, empowering people and reducing crime and violence in Delaware. If you would like to become more involved with this organization, click here to visit their site.

Image credit: The Wilmington Peacekeepers