Nowadays, going to class is not the only element to a quality education – there is so much more that goes into the equation.

A new emphasis has been placed on the importance for students to become more involved on their college campuses and start to build a network with their peers, as support to help them succeed in their post-college days.  According to U.S. News, getting more involved at school allows students to create a stronger connection with their college, build a sense of community, discover their passions and strengths, and form new friendships.

hillelAt the University of Delaware, The Hillel Foundation, Kristol Center for Jewish Life, works to provide students with the opportunity to build community and discover their own strengths.  The main focus of this group, at the University of Delaware, is to serve as the central hub, welcoming all Jewish students to come together, share beliefs, grow ideas and learn from others members.  As an organization, their first impression begins at the University’s Welcome Week, where all incoming freshman have the opportunity to explore existing groups on the campus and take the first step towards building their college experiences.

On August 27th & 28th – The Hillel Foundation at the University of Delaware, presents Freshman Fest, as an opportunity for incoming freshman to learn about the Jewish community and become more involved. Our foundation believes, providing students with access to a vast array of religious, cultural, and educational opportunities is an important investment in building a strong multicultural future.

Image Credit: University of Delaware Hillel Foundation


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